AYA designs bags & accessories with African textiles.

With our love for African Textiles, our mission is to create things with beautifully energetic textiles that make your lifestyle happier!

While living in New York, Aya Horinouchi, the designer was fascinated by African Fabrics (Dutch wax prints); textiles with vividly colorful energy, as if they are inspired by the sun and nature. African fabrics makes the inner person happy just by looking at them.

We wanted to share this happiness given by African fabrics with you, and this is how AYA started.

AYA mainly selects and imports Dutch wax fabrics from VLISCO, a long-established company with over 170 years of history in the Netherlands. VLISCO is considered the top brand for the highest fabric quality in the world, among African fabrics.

The fabric is made with a 27 step production process, including craftsmanship by hand and machines. It is exquisite material and every inch is one of a kind. The quality, the gorgeous colors, and the design aesthetics inspired by Africa’s cultural history, as well as contemporary objects, are all reasons AYAYA loves and continues to choose Dutch wax fabrics.




AYAYA is a collaboration line that was released in 2018, including apparel and fashion accessories in collaboration with Aya Noguchi, a fashion designer/ CEO of Sison gallery in Tokyo. In the AYAYA apparel line, we offer enjoyable clothing that you can wear for your normal and/or busy lifestyle.





Founder / Designer:

Aya Horinouchi

Aya moved to NY in 2003. After graduating from Parsons School of Design in Communication Design major, she worked at a NY-based fashion label LUTZ & PATMOS, then at a trend forecasting company WGSN as a senior graphic designer/ manager. She first discovered African fabrics while doing a research on textiles in the city, and African fabrics became her passion soon after. While being a graphic designer, she started to design bags and accessories using African fabrics. She established a fashion and lifestyle brand, AYA in 2017. Aya currently lives in Japan and New York.

​堀之内綾: 2003年よりNYに渡米。パーソンズ・スクール・オブ・デザイン美術大学コミュニケーションデザイン学部卒。NY発のファッションレーベルLUTZ&PATMOSを経てトレンド情報企業WGSNにシニアグラフィックデザイナー兼マネージャーとして所属。NYの街でテキスタイルのリサーチ中にアフリカ布と出会いアフリカ布の美しい色使いやパターンに魅了され、グラフィックデザイナーの傍らアフリカ布を使ったトートバッグや小物をつくる作家として活動をスタート。2017年よりオランダ産ダッチワックスを使ったファッション&ライフスタイルブランドAYAをスタート。現在は日本とNYで活動中。

AYAYA Fashion Designer:

Aya Noguchi

Aya Noguchi: From Tokyo, Aya worked as a fashion assistant then a designer after graduating from Musashino Art University. She started her own label in 2001, then opened a shop “Balcony” in 2004 at a renovated Japanese house that was built 80 years ago in Daikanyama, Tokyo. In addition to her relaxing apparel line, she gained her reputation for adopting organic cosmetics and fair trade products. Being a designer/ director, she has been receiving attention for her lifestyle and interiors at her houses in Tokyo and Shonan area. From fall in 2017, aside from fashion, she started managing/ directing an art gallery renovating the shop Balcony.

野口アヤ: 東京都出身。武蔵野美術大学卒業。2000年に独立、自身のブランド立ち上げる。2004年には代官山の築80年となる日本家屋をリノベーションしたショップBalconyをオープンさせ、リラックスできるウエアに加え、オーガニックコスメやフェアトレードアイテムもセレクトする先駆けとなり話題に。デザイナー、ディレクターとして活躍のかたわら、湘南と都内を行き来するライフスタイル やインテリアも常に注目されている。2017年秋より、Balconyだった日本家屋をアートギャラリーとして改装 、経営とディレクションを開始 。ファッションだけにとどまらない個人のクリエイション活動もスタート。